20/12/2010: “I used Quiksteel to plug up a fracture on my oil sump on my car and it worked perfectly, and still has over the last 3 years. I also used it to fix a shower head rail onto ceramic tiles when I was not sure if I needed a special drill piece. This also worked perfectly.”
Paul Dowdall, Essex.

11/08/2010: “I used Quicksteel to fix the guttering around my house and found it works well.”
Thomas Fox, Nottinghamshire.

02/03/2010: “Hi. I have just used your steel reinforced epoxy putty on my car repair and I think it is first class. Main point is saving time and no drilling. Thank you.”
Mr Ivan Reeve, Cambrigde.

15/01/2010: “I have used Quiksteel to fix a few things in my time and have recommended it to a few of my mates who have all used it. I myself have used it to repair a hole in a van sump i used in the woods, also to repair to screw hole on the top of a chain saw, fix alloy wheels and with a hole in my jet ski.”
G Marr, Alves.

15/12/2009: “I have used this product to fix my exhaust and a hole in the floor. It is a really good product and I still use it.”
Colin Clark, South Shields.

21/08/2009: “I have just used Quicksteel on the crankcase of my 72 Beetle as a temporary fix. I found an oil leak and when investigating saw filler. Further investigation revealed a hole the size of a large kidney bean and normally this would mean getting a new engine. I cleaned it up and applied the Quiksteel. I have run the engine and the leak has stopped and though I will need to run it onroad this hopefully this will last at least the next 2 months till I can get the engine out.”
Andy Bell, UK.

05/08/2009: “I purchased a tube of your Quiksteel for a repair on my motorcycle. I had an oil leak on the bottom of the sump, filled it with Quiksteel and I was very pleased with the repair. I will be using Quiksteel again in the near future.”
Mr Thubron, Sunderland.

17/07/2009: “I recently purchased a stick of your Quiksteel product to repair my garden gate. I have found the product most successful – I was repairing the hinge on the gate”
G D Holroyd, Yorkshire.

09/06/2009: “My motorcycle had a leaking crankcase. I roughed up the area with emery cloth for a key, applied the mixed Quicksteel, smoothed it as best I could with a damp cloth. When dry I ‘made good’ the area with a file and more emery cloth, then repainted it. The repair is oiltight and invisible.”
Tony Marshall, Herts.

27/05/2009: “My sump had been leaking for sometime due to damage to the threaded area for the sump plug. I tried twice to repair the area using welded on patches with a new nut but I couldn’t get it water-tight let alone oil-tight. I was facing a bill of nearly £300 for a new sump or a fruitless search of the breaker’s yards when I remembered a product that I used years ago to repair a rusted fuel tank. I went to the motor factors to look for it and found Quicksteel instead which looked better due its ability to withstand temperatures upto 260 degrees C. Back home and one hour later I had a newly oil-tight sump with a sanded and smooth layer of Quiksteel holding in a new threaded bung for the sump plug. Great stuff.”
Alastair Caine, Bridgend.

12/03/2009: “I would like to tell you how pleased I am with Quiksteel. I used it to fill up the holes on the chicken feeder and it worked a treat. I shall certainly buy some more.”
Mr P Law, East Sussex.

10/02/2009: “I purchased one of your Quiksteel sticks to try and repair a broken radiator damaged by a large stone. I cut out the damaged section, crimped the exposed pipes and applied the Quiksteel. I was very pleased with the end result so many thanks to you.”
Michelle Coniam, Michelle’s Motors.

21/12/2008: “On removing a damaged glowplug from my peugeot 205 diesel, I found it left me with a crack in the cylinder head and a potentially very big repair bill. But I’ve since used QuikSteel to fill the crack and so far so good!! I’ve also used it to re-tap worn threads on a table and have other jobs in mind. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Dave Luckham, Wilts

18/11/2008: “After purchasing your product Quiksteel a few weeks ago, I must say I was most impressed. It repaired a leak in my central heating radiator in a matter of minutes. I normally use Plastic Padding but Quiksteel is far superior in every way. Simple to use with no mess for such a permanent repair.” William Forrest, Warley.

18/11/2008: “I have used Quiksteel epoxy putty to repair a holed engine oil sump on a Nissan Primera. The sump was drained completely, thoroughly cleaned and the metal around the hole roughened to form a key. The epoxy putty was hand mixed to form a 50mm diameter, 2mm thick patch, which was applied to the exterior of the oil sump. This repair is 100% and saved me having to buy a new sump.

I have also used this product to mend a broken car aerial that had come away from it’s screwed mounting.

A week ago I used this product to repair a leak emanating from an inspection plate gasket on my central heating boiler. There was no way spares could be found as the boiler was obsolete, so in short this saved me having to install a new system. A large fillet of fire cement, Pyruma, was built up over the epoxy putty to exclude air and help dissipate heat from the burners.

This is an incredible product and from my research can withstand the highest temperatures. It has saved me much money and inconvenience and I always keep a roll in my tool box.” Mr G Stow, Cambridgeshire

21/05/2008: “Just to let you know, I used this on my old Fiesta’s petrol tank. Although it was rust that was the cause, the Quiksteel did a superb job sealing the leak. Saved me a right few bob too. Many thanks.”
Allan McInnes

03/05/2008: “I used your product (quiksteel) to fix an exhaust blow on my motorcycle. As it was near the manifold quiksteel was the only product that could cope with the extreme temperature. Next I sealed a leaking oil cooler banjo bolt, both jobs were a great success and saved me £££££s. Thankyou all for an excellent cure to many many problems.”
Kerry Judkins, Northants.

18/04/2008: “On the way home from a holiday in Devon the vehicle we were traveling overheated. We were towed to a local garage who diagnosed a cracked water pump. Being a Saturday afternoon there wasn’t much chance in getting a replacement for that day. The garage mechanic recommended “Quiksteel”. The mechanic cleaned up the damaged area and applied “Quiksteel” to the crack in the pump. We were back on the road within 30 minutes and got to our home in Essex with no more leaks in fact it was another 3 months before we replaced the cracked water pump. I always keep some “Quiksteel” in car just in case.” Andy Butcher

14/03/2008: “Hi, i just used quicksteel for the first time. My bike failed its mot because of a cracked mudguard so within 10 mins of picking your product up from the shelf, i had fixed and painted the guard ready for the retest, fab.” Jason Gardiner.

05/03/2008: “I love this QuickSteel putty. I am a computer technician and repair laptops and a lot of the time the DC socket (where the charger end plugs into) gets damaged and wobbles about. I resolder the socket and put a chunk of this stuff behind it. Needless to say… I never see my customer again! I also use it to mould hinges on laptops where they’ve broke off. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever come across.
My 7 staff also think this QuickSteel is such a great product. They’ve all used a bit (cutting a slice off here and there with a knife). I’ve always got at least a couple of tubes handy in the shop. This stuff’s like something NASA would use. It’s great the public can get their hands on it. There’s some imitations going about but for tech’s it’s gotta be Kalimex real deal QuickSteel.” L. Fry.

10/09/2007: “Just writing to say that I have used your product today and I am extremely happy with the out come. I have a Mercedes Sprinter and the front exaust pipe was blowing it was unfortunately a main agent job and they wanted £365.00 + V.A.T. And that was without fitting. Your product cost me just £5.00 and it has worked great so you have saved me a lot of money, thanks. I will buy another one and keep it in my shed and you can be certain I will tell everyone about this great product.” Martin Holyland.

29/08/2007: “Part of the fairing on my motorcycle had broken and apart from drilling it from the outside I could not fix it. No superglue or contact adhesive would adhere to the surface. Quiksteel was used to hold a piece of aluminium to the inside of the fairing; the aluminium replaced the broken bit of the fairing. The bike is fairly old but still looks good so it is worth a bit of effort.” Derek Gill.

26/08/2007: “I have just used your QUIKSTEEL for the first time, I used it to repair the inside of the block on a fordson power major tractor, the water ways had rotted away so I rebuilt them with QUIKSTEEL. The tractor has now been running for about 4 hours and as yet no sign of any leaks. P.S. I have also used it to put new threads in the gearbox on the fordson with no problem.” Russell Page.

19/07/2007: “I have just used it to do some minor body repairs and to fix a new exhaust poorly fitted (by someone else! ) and it worked fantastically. By moistening hands i was able to form a good shape to the repair and a nice finish with little sanding, once painted very hard to see the repair. And the exhaust sorted! Going to buy more tomorrow for stock. Yours very impressed” Ben Stokes.

14/07/2007: “I recently purchased the above product, having read about it on the internet. I used it on my exhaust as a last ditch attempt as I had alreadt tried fillers and bandages to no avail. What a remarkable product and so simple to use. 2 weeks later the repair is still sound- and quiet. Will definitely recommend and use again for any metal repairs.” David Rae.

12/07/2007: “Just a short note to express my gratitude for a great product which is easy to use and quick to apply. Quiksteel worked quickly to mend a broken part on my bike.” Mo Hussain

20/06/2007: “I broke the steel wiper spindle off the end of aluminium wiper linkages on my 2000 Ford Galaxy tdi,( 7.30 at night in the rain), they barely moved across the screen. I took the entire car to bits to remove the complete linkage/motor assembly. Snapped drivers side by hammering it to try and free them off. Wrapped a Quiksteel spaghetti string around the spindle, another piece around the linkage ——- 2 years ago!!! Ford dealer wanted £237 to sell me just the linkage without the motor……no thanks.” Brian Ashcroft, UK

05/03/2007: I ordered QuickSteel from you on Friday last week to repair a leaking central heating pipe in our bungalow. The pipe had split just above entry to a concrete floor and a full repair would have meant digging up the floor. The package arrived Saturday morning and within an hour the repair had been completed and the leak stopped. This has saved many hundreds of pounds, not to mention the mess and disruption, and saved the day completely. I would totally reccomend your product as it really does do what it says on the box, a rare thing these days.
Peter Robinson, Flintshire.

07/11/2006: Last year I caught the gearbox of my Fiat Tipo on a raised manhole cover during local road works. By the time I\’d got home the box was pouring out oil. The gearbox had a 6\” long crack adjacent to the mounting flange. I drilled along the crack, degreased the area and filled the channel with Quicksteel. The car hasn\’t lost a drop of gearbox oil since. Really does work. Adrian Rabone, warwickshire

27/06/2006: dear sir/mdm. in response to your pen offer,i had cause to use quicksteel for the first time ,and with positive results!,i bought another car ,and noticed a leak from the petrol tank, worried me went to local shop,and good salesman sang the praises of quicksteel,any how i cleaned the leaky area ,found two holes, cleaned surface well filled holes then a while later covered the area with two thin layers,making a nice finish .the end .(no problems). mr ken elsley newport

20/05/2006: Dear Sir, The cylinder head gasket on my suzuki sj413 samari jeep went, on examining the head i found a crack by the no.1 combustion chamber after thoroughly cleaning the crack and applying Quicksteel and reassembling the cylinder head i kept my fingers crossed and hoped for thr best. To date i have clocked up 6 thousand miles without the recurring problem. the temperature of the head is possible higher than you would recommend for your product but so far its okay. Thanks Jim Tylee, surrey.

14/02/2006: “Just before our departure to Africa, a friend of ours gave me a tube of your Quiksteel which I put in the doorpocket of our Land Rover and thought nothing of it. Two weeks later we had cracked our fueline in two places on a rough gravel road in the Namibian desert. The only thing we could think of trying was the Quiksteel but thought it a longshot because the vehicle being diesel we thought of chemical reaction and the fuel line needed to be totally sealed. The repair was carried out and that little tube of Quiksteel carried us 1155 miles to Etosha were we could have another fuel line prepared. This is remarkable stuff and essential for all expeditions.” Many Thanks, Richard Upton, Derbyshire.

03/02/2006: I used QuikSteel to repair my wall bracket for my home hifi system. I put Quick Steel around a crack in the bracket and it worked a treat. Thanks. Mr hayden smith, Littlehampton